WIGREX ECOcleansers
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Ecological Cleaning Technology

Industrial and professional
steamcleaners and steam generators. Special products
for fire brigades,
calamities and oil spills

surface cleaning with steam
Surface cleaning with steam
WX Oil-Quick® Leckmaster Leckmaster Leckstop-Produkte

Steam cleaners

Steam generator diesel

Surface Steamer

Spill control

Powerful electrical steamcleaners and steamgenerators, standard from 3 kW till 36 kW with high-grade materials that have been designed for the professional and industrial market. Wigrex has for example a special programme for effective parrafin removal.

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The diesel powered steamer with an extreme high steam production and a patented integrated compressed air system. These 62000 Watt steamcleaners match up to high pressure cleaning and are an alternative for dry ice-blasting.

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Wigrex has developped a new surface cleaning concept for the removal of chewing gum from large areas.

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Leakages rapidly cause considerable damage to a company and the environment. Wigrex´s products are flexible, quick, and easy to apply. In only a few seconds they prevent further leakage from damaged reservoirs.

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