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Steam Cleaning Technology

Industrial and professional
steamcleaners and steam generators

industrial steam cleaning
industrial steam cleaning
Accessories Join Super Steam with steam, detergent and vacuum cleaner
The steam cleaner with water vacuum cleaner is delivered with a complete set of accessories. The steam hose with integrated vacuum hose extends the amount of applications even more.

Accessory kit with vacuum cleaner

Steamhose SCV

Wiper 25cm

Wiper 15cm

Mouthpiece 15cm

Mouthpiece chewing gum

Brushes, brass and nylon SCV


Extension piece SCV

Bracket to extension piece SCV


For optimal results, we advise to use our cleansing agents because other cleansing agents settle or loose their effectiveness when heated! Furthermore, our cleansing agents are biodegradable and not aromatic, so there is no bad smell or irritation from heating. Read more

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