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Ecological Cleaning Technology

Special products
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Ecological Cleaning Technology
WX Oil-Quick®
WX Oil-Quick® is a unique biological oil and grease detergent, developed especially for in-depth cleaning of road surfaces after oil and fuel accidents.
WX Oil-Quick® is not just highly suitable for these applications, as well as for the removal of paraffin, oil and grease contaminations in production areas, around machinery, workshops and other industrial floors and logistic fields.

Primary concern in surface cleaning is that oil contaminations should not be flushed away without absorbing or sucking away as much as possible first. Nevertheless, after cleaning the road, oil and other emulsions often end up in the verge or sewage system. And a cleaning product itself may be biologically degradable; the oil is not! It can take years until oil in the verge has been degraded biologically. During that time there is a great risk that the oil spreads itself.

Only WX Oil-Quick® guarantees, with its long-lasting micro emulsion and natural components, a fast cleaning and biological degrading of hydrocarbon molecules in a natural cycle.

  • Thorough cleansing on a basis of natural components
  • No health damage or irritation to skin or airways
  • 100% biodegradable
  • No harmful leftovers or poisoning of natural water organisms
  • Does not damage materials
  • Non alkali, no corrosion of metals
  • Neutral to asphalt
  • Reduces explosion danger
  • Micro emulsion annuls flammability of volatile inflammable substances
  • Accelerates the decomposition of oil from roads, verges and sewage system through: long lasting emulsion stability, natural components, vegetable extract as nutrition for bacteria and the composition of a micro emulsion between oil, water and WX Oil-Quick®
  • Environment-friendly composition
  • Generally agreed is that detergents are not to be used in oil control on inland waterways

WX Oil-Quick®, the professional, environment-friendly and all-round solution!
  • Safe for people, environment and materials, economical and practical in use.
  • Excellent cleaning results on any surface with carbohydrates, such as mineral and synthetic motor oils, old oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil, grease and paraffin.
  • For extensive instructions in case of oil contaminations please contact us.
The optimal distribution of the micro emulsion containing oil and cleaner molecules, the convenient mildly acidic content of the cleaner and the high percentage of nutrients will (in the natural environment, loose surfaces and junctions) aid the present bacterial culture at hand to fight the oil and cleaner molecules. This causes oil to transform into carbon dioxide and water. CH chains are broken up and through a combination with oxygen transformed into CO2 and H2O.

WX Oil-Quick® is delivered in cartons of 10 l (2 x 5 / 4 x 5)