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Ecological Cleaning Technology

Special products
for fire brigades,
calamities and oil spills

Ecological Cleaning Technology
Oil spill on road surface
WX Oil-Quick® Leckmaster Dosiersysteme Leckstop-Produkte

WX Oil-Quick®


Dosing systems

Spill control

WX Oil-Quick® is a unique biological oil and grease detergent, developed especially for in-depth cleaning of road surfaces after oil and fuel accidents.

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The Leakmaster enables a quick and secure sealing of damaged reservoirs. Resistant to almost all fuels, mineral oils and chemicals.

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Together with several fire-fighting teams Wigrex developed efficient equipment especially for the cleaning of road surfaces in case of large oil leakage or long fuel or diesel tracks. Furthermore several high quality devices for the appliance of agents are available.

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Leakages rapidly cause considerable damage to a company and the environment. Wigrex´s products are flexible, quick, and easy to apply. In only a few seconds they prevent further leakage from damaged reservoirs.

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