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Steam Cleaning Technology

Industrial and professional
steamcleaners and steam generators

industrial steam cleaning
industrial steam cleaning
Detergents for steam cleaning
For optimal results, we advise to use our cleansing agents because other cleansing agents settle or loose their effectiveness when heated!
Furthermore, our cleansing agents are biodegradable and not aromatic, so there is no bad smell or irritation from heating.

WX Oil-Quick® is developed especially for the removal of paraffin, oil and grease.

WX Basic Cleaner removes persistent oil and grease contaminations, nicotine, proteins, graffiti, gum, underseal, bitumen, tar, paint, ink, felt-tip etcetera from various surfaces.

WX De Calc is a cleaning extract for the removal of scale and surface oxidations, and to decalcify machines or appliances, etcetera.

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