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industrial steam cleaning
industrial steam cleaning
Jet steamer 18000 / 36000 Watt
The Jet steamer is the extension of our professional and industrial program with an extremely high steam production and all the benefits of low-pressure. By means of very high steam temperatures and a patented integrated compressed air system these steamers match up to high pressure cleaning and are an alternative to dry-ice blasting!
This professional dry steam cleaner has been developed for the highest industrial demand and can be used for cleaning in almost every industrial field. Production machines, robotic systems and other mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic installations can be cleaned smoothly and effectively, while being environmentally friendly and cost saving. Because of the minimal water usage, revisions and maintenance jobs on machines can be done on the spot without dismounting and interruption of the production process, thus ensuring a cost and time saving. Also the high steam pressure, temperature and volume enable a quick cleaning process.

The powerfull 18.000 Watt Jet steamer has the highest quality level in steam technique. This equipment is fitted with high-quality industrial materials, strong bodywork, air wheels, advanced electronic control and many practical features, such as an automated water filling system. But especially the patented compressed air system is worth mentioning. This integrated system with the possibility to combine compressed air with steam is a revolutionairy cleaning method. This method with steam, detergent and compressed air is in many cases a cheap alternative for dry-ice blasting! For this machine there is simply no alternative.

  • An effective addition to the functioning of your machinery
  • Fast and easy cleaning in case of maintenance work
  • An even better cleansing result through special cleansing agents or compressed air
  • Low water consumption, thus economical and less disposal costs
  • High steam temperature of 185C
  • Integrated compressed air system
  • Directly connectable to drinking water supply
  • Steam, detergent and compressed air controllable from the pistol
Specifications 18.000 Watt 36.000 Watt
Heating capacity: 18.000 Watt 36.000 Watt
Electrical supply: 400 V, 32A, ~ 50 Hz 400 V, 63A, ~ 50 Hz
Working pressure: 10 bar 10 bar
System temperature dry steam: 185C 185C
Water usage drysteam: 0,36 l/min 0,72 l/min
Dry steam capacity: 0,36 kg/min 185C 0,72 kg/min 185C
Cleansing time: continuously continuously
Detergent pump: optional optional
Compressed air system: optional optional
Compressed air dosing: continuous 0,5 - 10 bar continuous 0,5 - 10 bar
Compressed air requirement: 0,25 - 0,3 m / min 0,4 m / min
Compressed air min.: 10 bar 10 bar
Length steamhose: 10 meters 10 meters
Capacity watertank: 35 liters 35 liters
Anti scale system: integrated integrated
Water connection: standard " standard "
Water inlet pressure: 2,0 - 4,0 bar 2,0 - 4,0 bar
Wheels: 260 x 85, air tyre 260 x 85, air tyre
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1100 x 740 x 770 1100 x 740 x 770
Weight: 140 kg 145 kg


For optimal results, we advise to use our cleansing agents because other cleansing agents settle or loose their effectiveness when heated! Furthermore, our cleansing agents are biodegradable and not aromatic, so there is no bad smell or irritation from heating. Read more