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industrial steam cleaning
industrial steam cleaning
Steamcleaner Join Super Steam 3400 / 6000 Watt
The professional user can choose between a number of 230V and 400V machines from the high-quality Join Super Steam series. High-grade materials and years of development created a reliable, user-friendly and effective steamer.
The extensive set of top-pieces, brushes and other accessories enable numerous applications. The machines are standardly equipped with an adjustable system for the injection of chemicals and detergents. With the optional dust / water vacuum cleaner the versatility of the steam cleaners can be expanded even more. The chemical injection, the vacuum cleaner and of course the steam can be operated easily from the steampistol.
steamcleaner 230 V steamcleaner 6000 W
SC version
SCV version

The technical details show that this range has been designed for the professional and industrial market:
  • Strong stainless steel bodywork
  • Heating elements welded into the boiler to prevent leakage through gaskets or seals
  • Modern electronic control
  • Stainless steel boiler with high-quality heating elements
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Quick and easy cleaning in case of maintenance work
  • Low water usage. As a result environmentally friendly and therefore less disposal costs
  • Steampistol at safe, low voltage
  • Disinfectant effect
  • Adjustable system for the injection of detergents
  • High-grade parts and materials
The SCV model is technically identical to the SC model, but is equipped with a powerful integrated dust and water vacuum cleaner with multiple accessories. The 6000 W version is even more powerful than the 230 V model and provides a continuous stable steam volume at high pressure and temperature.
Model 3400 SC / SCV 6000 SC / SCV
Electrical supply: 230V 50 Hz 400V 50 Hz
Heating capacity: 3400 Watt 6000 Watt
Voltage in handle: 12 Volt 12 Volt
Steam temperature boiler: 165C 170C
Working pressure: 6,5 bar 7 bar
Steam outlet: adjustable adjustable
Cleansing time: continuously continuously
Detergent pump: yes yes
Capacity watertank: 5 liters 5 liters
Capacity detergent tank: 2 liters 2 liters
Vacuum cleaner: optional optional
Boiler material: stainless steel stainless steel
Empty weight: 24 kg 24 kg
Dimensions: 580/440/1000 mm 580/440/1000 mm
Technical research: CE approval CE approval


For optimal results, we advise to use our cleansing agents because other cleansing agents settle or loose their effectiveness when heated! Furthermore, our cleansing agents are biodegradable and not aromatic, so there is no bad smell or irritation from heating. Also, dont forget the micro fibre combination, which substantially increases the effectiveness of the dry steam concept. Read more